Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Movie review for Jack the Giant Slayer

Hello, everyone!
As it has been quite some time since I blogged about anything
film related, I thought I'd give a review for Jack the Giant Slayer.
When I first saw a preview for it quite a few months ago, I already knew
that I desperately wanted to see it. Being that I loved the fairytale story
as a small child, I was happy to find that they were making it into a movie,
with a somewhat different twist. It was fun and adventurous, with a small
amount of romance mixed in. Rated PG-13, which does include some brief
language, violence, but nothing too innapropriate. So for anyone with children,
use your own judgment. I thoroughly enjoyed it myself, and have hopes that
they will make a sequel. (Which hints at the possibility that they may)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Review for Dangerous Secrets

Dangerous Secrets by Lyn Cote ~Love Inspired Suspense, Harbor Intrigue series, book #3


That's what Sylvie Patterson wanted to know when she learned her
cousin Ginger was dead. And so did Ridge Matthews, a state homicide
detective working with Winfield's police department. Ginger's
apartment was ransacked, followed by a string of suspicious
break-ins at houses where Ginger had visited. What did Ginger own
that was so valuable someone was willing to kill her for it? It would
take all of Ridge's skills---and Sylvie's prayers---to keep Sylvie
from becoming the next victim.

Harbor Intrigue:
The calm surface of this Lake Superior community
hides dangerous secrets...

This book was really good. Very intriguing, keeping you interested until
the very end. Definitely worth reading, so glad that I did! The main
characters are believable, and you become attached to them, and you come
to feel as if they are close friends. I was very satisfied with the ending.